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Green Screen Wizard Mobile Apps
We are now offering a Pro version of our iPhone app that does sandwich overlays, has built in backgrounds and more!

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Great Deal!! USB Essential Background Drive
Green Screen Software
The Essential USB Background Drive is an amazing value. It contains 3600 backgrounds and 250 Sandwich Overlays conveniently arranged in 51 folders all on a USB drive.

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Webcam Software for the PC
Logitech Brio
What would you pay to look better online? We hope you will pay $29.95 to buy the Green Screen Wizard Webcam. With its large number of webcam settings and its unique White Paper Auto setup, this program will let you get the most out of your existing webcam even if you do not have a green screen.

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Green Screen Software

Green Screen Photography Software for PC and Mac

Remember when people were amazed by your photos? I do not know about you but ever since the IPhone picture quality improved people are more interested in sending photos to friends and families then they are in ultra high quality photos created in a studio. Buying a better camera or improved studio lighting can help but maybe Green Screen Photography can win your customers back or simply impress your friends and family.

With Green Screen Photography you can put people in the most exotic locations. Sandwich overlays let you put your subjects inside a scene or magazine cover. Special effects can turn your photo into works of art. Join the over 30,000 professional and amateur photographers worldwide who have have easily mastered the almost magical skill of green screen photography software thanks to the best-selling green screen background removal software, Green Screen Wizard.

Whether your goal is to have fun with the kids or expand your photography business, Green Screen Wizard has professional software for every budget and need.

While others claim to be the best we say put it to the test, try our demos.

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Standalone Green Screen Photography Software

for PC and Mac

Our standalone green screen software is our most popular green screen software for photographers and does not require Photoshop to run. Over 30,000 users, from students to professional photographers, have enjoyed its simple to use user interface with a built in help system. Professional Photographers appreciate our green screen engine and our advanced special effects that are second to none. We sell three versions of the standalone software to fit your budget and need.

Which version is right for you?

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Home and Student Photographers

Green Screen Software
Full Version
Green Screen Wizard is powerful green screen photo software that is inexpensive and simple to use. The Full version has the same Green Screen removal engine as the more expensive products but lacks the Airbrush Editor, Special Effects, Work flow Enhancements ,Batch and Event capabilities of the more expensive software.

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Professional Photographers

Green Screen Software
Pro Studio with Editor Version
The Pro Studio Editor version adds pro features to the full version that can provide professional photographers a platform for doing business.

Green Screen Wizard's Airbrush Editor is a built-in Editor that uses special "Green Screen Aware" brushes to correct even the most difficult green screen problems and can bring out wispy hair details in the image.

Green Screen Wizard's special effects makes adding reflections, lighting effects, skin smoothing, and creating artistic images a breeze.

With the new Lightroom Link, Lightroom uses can now easily use all the Wizards features.

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School or Event Photographers

Green Screen Software
Pro Batch and Event Version
The Pro Batch version expands on Green Screen Wizard Pro by adding automation to the green screen software process. This is particularly valuable if you shoot many photos and would like to process them later or if you're at an event and need to process images very quickly. The Pro batch version also adds an e-mail capability so that rather then printing the images out the images can be e-mailed to your clients.

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