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Green Screen Wizard Full with Backgrounds only $139.95
Get started in Green Screen Photography with Green Screen Wizard Full and the Essential Background Collection

Green Screen Wizard Full
Green Green Screen Wizard 12.0 offers the latest in green screen software power and control behind an amazingly simple and accessible user interface.

Green Screen Wizard provides professional photographers, as well as photography enthusiasts, a simple way to do green screen removal and substitute their choice of digital background
Value $129.95

Essential Background Collection
digital backgrounds
This digitaly downloaded collection has Magazine Covers, Sandwich Overlays and 6 collections with 120 hand picked backgrounds.
The total value of the collection, if ordered separately would be $128.

Get all both items for only $10 more then the software alone!

Buy Now, $139.95

Buy the Pro Batch/Event Software and get the Photo Booth Software for only $20 more

Pro Batch/Event Software
Green Screen Wizard Pro Batch Software expands on Green Screen Wizard Pro by adding Automation, Event Mode and Email capability. This is particularly valuable if you shoot many photos and would like to process them later or if you're at an event and need to process images very quickly. The Pro batch version also adds an e-mail capability so that rather than printing the images out the images can be e-mailed to your clients.

Value $249.95

Photo Booth Software
A Photo Booth is an automated photography system that lets a user start a photo session that can take one or more images with live view image preview. The live view preview shows the person on the background chosen and even supports Sandwich Overlays. The system can create multiple images on a single output or a simple single image output that can be printed, emailed or texted to your phone.

While the Green Screen Wizard Photo Booth can take normal photos,our Photo Booth extends a simple Photo Booth system by adding optional green screen support with its proven best of class green screen engine. Many Photo Booths are aimed at people at a party that are just having some fun and do not care about the quality of the photo. Green Screen Wizard supports the party folks but it also can be configured to offer very high quality output with support for many Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras and the new Logitech Brio 4k webcam. The system is very configurable so that you can setup the booth to be fast and efficient with few user choices or you can configure it to produce high quality images with lots of user selected options.

Value $249.95

Get both systenms for only $20 more then the batch software alone!

Buy Now , $269.95