How to expand or start a photo business with green screen software

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The majority of GreenScreenWizard users are professional photographers. They recognize that having a green screen capability gives them a competitive edge. The ease-of-use and high quality output of GreenScreenWizard products allows most photographers to recover the cost of GreenScreenWizard in just a few photo sessions. So why is green screen photography gaining so much popularity?

First let's consider the bad news
In the old days most people could not afford the kind of equipment it would take to create a high-quality image. If they wanted a high-quality family photo they would go to a photographer and spend a good deal of money to create a portrait of the family or the kids. With the advent of digital photography and the sophisticated cameras that support digital photography, it is now possible for anyone to take a high-quality image and then print it right in their homes on a photo-quality inkjet printer. Mom or Dad can take 1000 photos of the kids and only get one good one that gets printed. Were studio photographer only has the child for a few minutes and has to try to get a memorable photo in that time.

Now let's look at the good news
Fortunately most people do not have a good sense of composition and they do not have quality lighting. So there's still a market for professional photographers. Many markets for photographers and not that affected. People still go to professional photographers for head shots, school photos, sports team photos, senior portraits, wedding photos, prom photos, and many other types of event photography. The Internet has created a huge demand for photography. Almost everyone now needs a web presence with their photos displayed someplace. More and more people are doing Internet dating where a flattering and exciting photo is a must-have item.

GreenScreenWizard to the rescue
The first thing photographers think of when considering green screen software is that they won't have to spend so much money on all the different muslim backdrops that they did in the past. While this is certainly true about the great savings, probably enough to justify getting into green screen software, it is only the beginning of the benefit of learning green screen technology. There is an old saying "You can make money in one of two ways. You can do what other people do not want to do or you can do what other people cannot do." I think it is more fun to do what other people cannot do.

So here is the key point to consider:
GreenScreenWizard allows you to create images that most of your clients cannot create.

With GreenScreenWizard you can place a family anyplace in the world. You can place their children in a crystal ball. Have them on the cover of a magazine or create a Christmas card for this Christmas. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Click here to see the kinds of things you can do with the Wizard...

Uncle Sam helps us get into the Photo Business
Let's go over business 101. If you have a photo hobby, you get no tax deduction.

Money you make - Taxes you pay on money you make= The money you get to spend

You buy all of your photo equipment with the money you have to spend. So you have less money to spend on other things.
But when you have a photo business you can expense all of your equipment so the equation looks like this.

Money you make - Money you spend on photo equipment= The money you are taxed on.

Depending on your income level this can be a significant break in your taxes. I'm not an accountant so this is just a rough idea of how it works. You still have to earn income with you business at some point you cannot just lose money forever.

A Green Screen Studio is a good return on investment
You can buy Green Screen Wizard Pro and the essential background disk with 120 backgrounds, sandwich overlays, magazine covers all for $229.90. All need after is a green scree backdrop and some studio lighting which can purchase for under a few hundred dollars. So your studio will cost under $500 plus the cost of your camera. So all you have to do is shoot 5 sessions at $100 dollars each to recover your investment. It's even less than that when you consider the tax breaks for your photo equipment.

What kind of photo business should I start?
That is a very personal decision. It really depends on the kind of photography you like to do. If you are just great with kids or you love pets then of course that's the way to go. If you really want to make money than you might want to consider wedding photography or headshots. School and sports team photography are great businesses but most of them have a photography company under contract. You can start with smaller private schools and work your way up and eventually win more and more business. If your woman then you have an advantage in pregnancy and boudoir photography where women are often uncomfortable being photographed by men. I prepared a list of potential photo businesses to help stimulate your thinking.

Photography Businesses
  • Baby Photography
  • Child Photography
  • Senior Photos
  • Family Portraits
  • Pet Photography
  • Swimsuit/Model Photography
  • Costume/fantasy Photography
  • Boudoir Photography
  • Business Headshots
  • Acting Headshots
  • Pregnancy photography
  • School photography
  • Dance Photography
  • Team Photography
  • Santa Photos
  • First Communion Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Silhouette Photography
  • Greating Card Generation
  • Postcard Generation
  • CD Covers Creation
  • Band Posters

Here are a few testemonial by fellow photographers:

Thanks so much for your program, I use Green Screen Wizard for most of my work, it has become an essential part of what I do. With out Green Screen I wouldn't have the creativity and freedom I have. There are other programs out there, but none work as well as Green Screen Wizard ,in my opinion, and for a lot less.

Elizabeth Rosenberry DBA
Creative Photos by Elizabeth
I really enjoy the green screen software and having so much fun, it totally rocks!!! I have attached one of the photos I did for one my customers and they loved it.


Yes, I have all of Marc's art collections. In fact, I have all of the collections you offer,. The First is a simple dog portrait in the martini glass sandwich overlay. The next is a portrait with an action shot behind it. Did I mention I'm a pet photographer? Both my portrait business and action shot sales have increased considerably since I began using Green Screen Wizard.

Jamie Campbell
The motorcycle photo was shot on green screen about two years ago. The badge was shot on green screen in my drive way and the photo of time square in New York city was taken last month. Put them all together and I think it is an interesting photo. The mode is my wife to be Kim. It was all done on my mac pro book.

Robert Cornelison

I am so impressed with the Green Screen Wizard. Love the easy and time saver it will be for me allowing more time with my clients. I can get rid of all those bulky backdrops and clean up the studio. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful program Ken.

Diane Thomas

In November, I took hundreds of green screen photos, and processed 95 of them, placing them on a tropical Island. Just last evening, I photographed a Sweethearts banquet at a church, and then photographed a rose that I had given to my daughter for Valentines Day. I cropped the rose photo and placed it in the background and used the GSW magic to place the photos of our married couples. I have made a whole lot of people happy with the work I have done with your help. Thanks for such a great product.

Ken Flateau

Sure Thing - here you go - some of my favorites

Isaiah McCommons

We held our second annual Howl-iday Pet Photos this year and editing the images was so much easier using Green Screen Wizard! We were able to quickly and easily show the pet owners' what their photos would look like and then later do any extra cleanup and printing. The photo experience was a great one and our customers enjoyed the increase versatility of backgrounds. Although most selected holiday related backgrounds, you can see that some went for less traditional settings! It was a great experience and we look forward to using the software for similar events in the future! Keep up the good work!!

Tonya Fudge

I have become to really love you application. Especially the Photoshop plug-in. I am submitting some photos of many more that I have done. I am planning on publishing a table top book on my work. Enjoy the prints and you may publish them on your site.

Brian Muntz

We love your product.
I could go on and on. This sort of photography would be impossible or VERY time consuming without your program. My total business is founded on this. Also I very much like the plug in version. It solved many problems.
Phil Prosser.

I am so happy that I came across your program. Since then it has made my photography alot easy and cheaper. I am so excited about the program. that I have recommended it to a friend of minds that is into photography to help her with her business. Keep up with the excellent work.

Hi Ken,
I thought I would take a moment to send one of my first trys at GreenScreening. After trying it out for the first time, I can't wait to do more. I enjoy fantasy photos in my spare time the rest of the time I'm a truck driver. So if a truckdriver can produce a nice image....
Thanks Dale
Thanks for GSW! I have been in photography for 28 years. I took an leave for about 5 years due to an illness. Then was amazed at how far digital had come in my absence. I tried cut & Fill / paste in ps but it was too timely! I tried other products but none worked as well as yours. I can be creative as well as traditional and don't break the bank. Not only is your product offered at a great value, I can also go out and either create my own backdrops or purchase 20 or more for a fraction of the cost of one regular one. On behalf of my customers and myself, I would just like to say, Thanks for GSW!
Morrie Turner

I have been using Green Screen Wizard for about 4 1/2 months. I have seen my business change so much due to the ability to offer so many diverse backgrounds. My clients are amazed by the ability to place them in various locations, while taking the photos in one indoor studio.

The photo of the cake is from a wedding I did recently. The topper was so heavy that it did not stay on the cake, and it fell, luckily onto the back, from the top. I saved the day by whipping out my trusty portable screen and taking a photo of the topper before the ceremony started, and then took a photo of the cake without the topper. In Green Screen Wizard, I used the topper as the foreground and the cake photo as the background. As you can see, it worked PERFECTLY!!! The bride was so happy when she saw the final photo!
Ginger Allen
Everlasting Memories by Ginger