Green Screen Wizard Version 14 for Windows and Mac

Version 14
Version 14 makes improvements to the cartoon effect and to the Advanced Hair Processing algorithm.
It also adds several color control options.
NOTE: Cartoon feature and Color Presets are only in the Pro Studio and Pro Batch Versions

Cartoon Effect
Version 14 improves the Cartoon Effect by removing small dots or speckles from the image. This new algorithm creates cleaner cartoons that require less editing.
Green Screen Wizard Cartoon Green Screen Wizard Cartoon

Advanced Hair Processing
One of the great new features of Version 12 was the advanced hair processing. Months were spent using AI face recognition to improve finding the hair color. It turns out the old hair color detection software worked as well and did not require the installation of the AI Local server. During the process improvements were made to the hair extraction software. The version 14 software can now extract most of the fine hair detail.
Green Screen Wizard AHP Green Screen Wizard AHP

Green Screen Wizard AHP Green Screen Wizard AHP

Color Effects
Green Screen Wizard AHP

Version 14 adds a number of new color effects. It replaces the warm and cool sliders with a real HUE slider and vibrance slider. The vibrance slider is used mainly to enhance backgrounds it will increase color saturation and reduce brightness to give a more vibrant image.

Selective Color
Green Screen Wizard AHP

The selective color dialog will let you change the color of a selected color area. So you can turn red faces blue or green leaves orange.

Green Screen Wizard AHP Green Screen Wizard AHP

Overlay Color
This feature lets you give an overall tint to your image. It can make an image for example a warm pink or Goth violet. Green Screen Wizard AHP Green Screen Wizard AHP

Color Presets
Green Screen Wizard AHP

Because the software has so many color options it was decided that a system to store and retrieve these setting would be a nice option. The system we developed is call color presets. The product ships with over 15 presets that can be accessed by the home screen.