Green Screen Wizard Mobile for Android

This app puts green screen photography special photo effects at your fingertips! It can use any green screen photo on the camera roll or it can make use of the Android Phone/Tablet built in camera to create green screened images that can be saved. It can be used to explain to customers how the green screen process works or as a fun toy to make stunning photos for your family and friends. This app uses the same powerful green screen algorithm found in the desktop version of Green Screen Wizard software used by over 30,000 photographers and photo hobbyists. Get started now having fun with your kids or be the life of the party! All you need it this app and a green backdrop (you can use green paper or purchase a green screen).

o Load foreground and background Images
o Creates Portrait and Landscape output
o Move and Size foreground and background
o Change green extractions values
o Correct brightness of foreground and background
o Correct color of foreground and background
o Rotate foreground or background
o Clip foreground
o Create silhouettes
o Erase Restore Editor

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The app is sold in the Google Play store for only $4.99 .