How can I have someone wear green in a green screen photo?
The simple answer is that is you should not do that, but if you have to:

        Make sure the screen has even lighting

        Make sure the green is a different shade than the background

        Use the Airbrush Editor to fix it

        Use a blue screen if you have one     

I have multiple accounts on my computer how can I let all the accounts use the Wizard
First of all make sure you are running version 6.1 or higher. Then after you install the Wizard you will have a folder called "Green Screen Wizard" in your MyDocuments area. Copy that folder to your C drive so that the new location is:

C:\Green Screen Wizard

If you install background or overlays at a later time you must copy them to the C drive as well.

When I take photos of people's feet it looks like they are floating. What can I do?
Most of the time, it is easiest simply not to include feet in the photo. If you must, then have them stand on a rug, not on the green screen.

What is the best kind of Green Screen to get?
It is a matter of preference, but Green Screen Wizard works best with screens that are Greenish-Yellow rather then Greenish-Blue.  Make sure that the screen is woven polyester or cloth, not just a sheet of green plastic.               

Do I need to buy your backgrounds to use the product?
No Green Screen Wizard works with any backgrounds. 

My blacks do not seam black anymore.
First make sure you have the latest software. The second slider will force black areas to be true black, but will also force areas of the green screen that had shadows on them to reappear.

Green Screen Wizard changed the colors on my photo.
This is correct behavior. See the section on spill in the help file.

Can Green Screen Wizard read Tiff files?
There are many flavors of tif files. The difference is the kind of lossless compression algorithm they use inside them. Green Screen Wizard can read Photoshop tiffs stored as RGB but not CYMA format. Nikon has its own compression algorithm for tiff files that Green Screen Wizard cannot read. The Photoshop Plug-in will, of course, read any file format that Photoshop will process.

My original photo was over a megabyte and the Green Screen Wizard output jpg is small.
On the front panel of Green Screen Wizard there is a selector that determines the size and quality of the image. The number of pixels in the output is the (width * DotsPerInch)*(height*DotsPerInch)

So the input photo is scaled up or scaled down to (5*200*7*200)= 1.4 mega pixels

So the input photo is scaled up or scaled down to (5*300*7*300)= 3.1 mega pixels

So the input photo is scaled up or scaled down to (5*600*7*600)= 12.6 mega pixels

Green Screen Wizard does this scaling to make the product easy to use. For most people the 300 DPI is more then most printers can handle. The 600DPI was added for pro photographers. Now that the Photoshop Plug-in is available, that may be a better choice for the pro photographers.  

If you output the image as a jpg then the file will be compressed. If you need a big file then add .tif or .png to then end of your file name when you save it.

Can Green Screen Wizard print?

All versions of Green Screen Wizard can print.

Can Green Screen Wizard work with a blue screen?
Yes, Green Screen Wizard supports both green and blue screen photos. Simply go to the combine screen and check blue logic.

I still see some green in my photo.
Read Section 7, "Combining Images" in Green Screen Wizard's Help section. Green or blue removal is a challenging
problem, and Green Screen Wizard offers many powerful tools for solving the various issues. The top slider is the most powerful and can remove most green. Be careful you do not remove more than you want.

What is an activation code and how do I get one?
The activation code is a key that uniquely identifies your copy of Green Screen Wizard. Use the Activation Wizard link on the left of this page or send an email to Support@GreenScreenWizard.com. In the email, be sure to include your hardware code and your serial number.

How many times can I install Green Screen Wizard?
Green Screen Wizard can be installed on four computers. The Serial number you receive with your Green Screen Wizard purchase will stop working after four installations and you will need to buy an new copy.

If this FAQ does not answer your question then send an email to Support@GreenScreenWizard.com